Australasian Conference on Interactive Entertainment
3-5 December 2007, Melbourne

The following papers were refereed by an international program committee and will be published in the conference proceedings and archived in the ACM Digital Library. These are listed in the conference program and can be downloaded from the Proceedings web page.

Khalid Aallouche, Homam Albeiriss, Redouane Zarghoune, Juha Arrasvuori, Antti Eronen, Jukka Holm Implementation and Evaluation of a Background Music Reactive Game
Thomas Apperley Citizenship and Consumption: Convergence Culture, Transmedia Narratives and the Digital Divide
Thomas Apperley Rhythms of Gaming Bodies
Peter Bayliss Beings in the Gameworld: Characters, Avatars, and Players
Scott Beattie Sam Fisher v Artistotle: The Ethics of Interactive Media
Nicola J Bidwell, Colin Lemmon, Mihai Roturu, Christopher Lueg Exploring Terra Incognita: Wayfinding Devices for Games
Hugh Davies Place as Media in Pervasive Games
Christy Dena Capturing Polymorphic Creations: Towards Ontological Heterogeneity and Transmodiology
Cameron Foale, Peter Vamplew Portal-based Sound Propagation for First-Person Computer Games
Adam Hassell, Philip Smith, David Stratton An Evaluation Framework for Videogame Based Tasking of Remote Vehicles
Troy Innocent, Stewart Haines Nonverbal communication in multiplayer game worlds
Darshana Jayemanne The Nonsense of the Aura
Alyx Macfadyen, Andrew Stranieri, John Yearwood Dramatic Flow in Interactive 3D Narrative
Christian McCrea Then, Suddenly, I Was Moved: Nostalgia and the Media History of Games
Christian McCrea Dismembers of the Audience: The Expulsive, Explosive Force of Bodies in Games
Kevin McGee Patterns and Computer Game Design Innovation
Greg More, Andrew Burrow Observing the Learning Curve of Videogames in Architectural Design
Florian 'Floyd' Mueller, Martin R. Gibbs A Physical Three-Way Interactive Game Based on Table Tennis
Adam Nash Real Time Art Engines 3: Post-convergent creative practice in MUVEs
Yusuf Pisan My Guild, My People: Role of Guilds in Massively Multiplayer Online Games
Malcolm Ryan Eleven programmers, Seven Artists and Five Kilograms of Play-Doh: Games for Teaching Game Design
Malcolm Ryan, Nicholas Hannah, Joshua Lobb The Tale of Peter Rabbit: A Case Study in Story-Sense Reasoning
truna aka j.turner, Nicola J Bidwell Through the looking glass: game worlds as representations and views from elsewhere
Greg Wadley, Martin Gibbs, Peter Benda Speaking in Character: Using Voice-over-IP to Communicate within MMORPGs
Viveka Weiley Demo: Utzon's Studio as a Collaborative Virtual Environment
Qinying Xu, Daryl D'Souza, Vic Ciesielski Evolving Images for Entertainment
Fabio Zambetta Simulating Sensory Perception in 3D Game Characters
Fabio Zambetta, Adam Nash, Paul Smith Two Families: Dynamical Policy Models in Interactive Storytelling

The Panels program includes:

Sasha Grbich et al New directions in interactive entertainment

Floyd Mueller et al Exertion in Interactive Entertainment

Christy Dena et al Designing, Experiencing and Analysing Games in the Age of Integration

Tom Apperley et al In Another Sense

Darren Tofts et al What happened to new media art?

Larissa Hjorth et al Play, gaming and being mobile in the Asia-Pacific

Chung Peichi et al Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Game Studies