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Friday, 20/7/2012 – Workshops

0900-1600 Are you Game to Teach?
by Edwin McRae

Details on the workshop

Mobile Phone Filmmaking part 1
by Max Schleser

Details on the workshop

1730  Evening event: Rollercoaster by Unguarded Intersection
The new exhibition at the Digital Art Live screen
1830 Talk by members of Unguarded Intersection

Saturday, 21/7/2012 – Conference Day 1

0900 Registration
0945 Opening
1000 International Keynote

Irrationally Human: Using Psychology in Game AI 
by Brian Schwab, Blizzard Entertainment (US)

1100 Tea Break
  Session 1
1115 [long paper] GameFlow Heuristics for Designing and Evaluating Real-Time Strategy Games
by Penelope Sweetser, Daniel Johnson, Peta Wyeth and Anne Ozdowska
1140 [long paper] An investigation of Vladimir Propp’s 31 Functions and 8 Broad Character types and how they apply to the analysis of video games
by Andrew Brusentsev, Michael Hitchens and Deborah Richards
1205 [long paper] Performing design analysis: game design creativity and the theatre of the impressed
by truna aka j.turner, David Browning and Gordon Moyes
1230 [long paper] Personalised Gaming: A Motivation and Overview of Literature
by Sander Bakkes, Chek Tien Tan and Yusuf Pisan
1300 Lunch Break
  Session 2
1400 [long paper] A Feasibility Study in Using Facial Expressions Analysis to Evaluate Player Experiences
by Chek Tien Tan, Daniel Rosser, Sander Bakkes and Yusuf Pisan
1425 [long paper] Understanding Player Experience: Finding a usable model for game classification
by Jasper Van Vught, Gareth Schott and Raphael Marczak
1450 [long paper] A Novel Agent Based Control Scheme for RTS Games
by Matt Cabanag, Deborah Richards and Michael Hitchens
1515 [long paper] Providing both Physical and Perceived Affordances Using Physical Games Pieces on Touch Based Tablets
by Dan Burnett, Paul Coulton and Adam Lewis
1545 Tea Break
1600 Showcase Session

[short paper] Videogame Control Device Impact on the Play Experience
by Mitchell McEwan, Daniel Johnson, Peta Wyeth and Alethea Blacker

[short paper] Flourishing and Video Games
by Kellie Vella and Daniel Johnson

[short paper] Personality & Video Game Genre Preferences
by Nicole Peever, Daniel Johnson and John Gardner

[exhibit] Box Me Dumb Human Installation
by Daniel Cermak-Sassenrath

[exhibit] NOP performance
by Nolwenn Hugain-Lacire

[demo] SARTRE: a Case-Based Poker Web App
by Ian Watson and Jonathan Rubin

[demo] Case-Based Learning by Observation: Preliminary Work
by Glen Robertson and Ian Watson

[demo] Quests to Mastery
by Stephanie Beth


Mobile Phone Filmmaking part 2
by Max Schleser

Details on the workshop

1900   Conference Dinner + Workshop Movies Screening

Sunday, 22/7/2012 – Conference Day 2

0900 Registration
1000 National Keynote

Hacking the System: Gaming as a Way of Life
by Mitch Olson, Gamedojo (NZ)

1045 Tea Break
  Session 3
1100 [long paper] Usability Attributes in Virtual Learning Environments
by Deborah Richards and Iwan Kelaiah
1125 [long paper] Feedback-Based Gameplay Metrics: Measuring Player Experience via Automatic Visual Analysis
by Raphael Marczak, Jasper van Vught, Gareth Schott and Lennart E. Nacke
1150 [long paper] An investigation of player to player character identification via personal pronouns
by Michael Hitchens, Anders Drachen and Deborah Richards
1215 [long paper] Challenging Reality using Techniques from Interactive Drama to Support Social Simulations in Virtual Worlds
by Deborah Richards and Nicolas Szilas
1240 [long paper] Designing a Game for Occupational Health and Safety in the Construction Industry
by Stefan Greuter, Susanne Tepe, Fiona Peterson, Frank Boukamp, Kimberley D’Amazing, Kalonica Quigley, Rhys van der Waerden, Thomas Harris, Tim Goschnick and Ron Wakefield
1310 Lunch Break
  Session 4
1400 [long paper] Experiences with Design Patterns for Oldschool Action Games
by Daniel Cermak-Sassenrath
1455 [long paper] Agent-based museum and tour guides: Applying the State of the Art
by Deborah Richards
1520 [long paper] Beyond Arcade Machines – Students Building Interactive Tangible Installations
by Daniel Cermak-Sassenrath
1545 [long paper] Patterns of digital game-play in Australian High School Students
by Thomas Apperley and Sandy Muspratt
1615 Tea Break
1630 Closing
1700 IE2013 Planning Meeting

(preliminary program, subject to change)


Goodman Fielder Room
Level 4, Aotea Centre
Queen Street, Auckland CBD