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Play –Walk

Play -Walk takes a casual Sunday stroll through Wellington and peels back some layers of play on the way. It tells the stories behind
what we play with and play on in our environment, things we may pass every day and not think twice about. By bringing out their meaning and context it highlights
their significance.

There are plenty of great opportunities for play out on the streets of Wellington. The places visited in the Play-Walk offer us a greater understanding of play in an urban context through the telling of stories.
Seemingly disconnected places are reconnected and contextualized, looked at from different points of view and explored in a tangible way.
Please come along for a walk and a coffee or two, maybe even an ice cream! but be prepared to interact and play in these environments!


National War Memorial & Carillion
Central Park Brooklyn              
Cuba Mall , Bucket Fountain and Play Area
EB Games Cuba Mall, 72 Cuba St
Capital E                            
City Gallery                        
City To Sea Bridge          
Kaffee Eis                         
Frank Kitts Park
Len Lye’s Water Whirler
Harbourside Market      
Waitangi Park                 

Some pertinent links

centralpark restoration plan

December 18 1914 Alexander Turnbull Library

This tea towel, probably from the mid-1960s (it includes The Matterhorn which was opened in 1963), provides a coffee guide to Wellington, complete with descriptions of the type of food served in each café.

Other cafés listed include the Monde Marie coffee house and the Coffee Gallery (at Parson’s bookshop). The Windmill was owned by Suzy van der Kwast, who later started Suzy’s coffee lounge.



Life is a skate park