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Cultural Play
Engaging cultural discourse through play, Cross cultural communication, Museology and educational play. Cultural and media studies on games, policy and legislative responses to games

Experimental Play
Cutting edge interactive entertainment design development across any dicipline. Novel interfaces for games, mixed-reality. augmented-reality applications, mobile games Interactive installations, multi-model interactive systems. Experimental design.

Social Play
Play as a social communicator, entertainment and interaction as a part of everyday life. Mobile games and games that leverage from social networking tools, convergence and cross-platform media. Integrating games into traditional computer science classes as well as novel ways of teaching games, curriucula development at university, high-school or middle-school levels, special games based programs for attracting disadvantaged or underepresented groups.

Technical Play

Technical advancement in the field of interactive entertainment.
Path-planning, camera-control, terrain analysis, user-modeling, machine learning, interactive storytelling, NPC modelling, planning and general AI architectures. Papers that show advances in technical fields that make games work, such as databases, networking, cryptography, security, programming languages,

Visual Play Art and design
The aesthetic development and functionality of graphic user interfaces, installations and visual design. Games as art forms, novel approaches to game design. Advances in graphics techniques with applications to games, new animation techniques, novel interfaces for games, mixed-reality. augmented-reality applications, mobile games