IE2013 – Matters of Life and Death

Interactive Entertainment is Australasia’s longest running games and digital entertainment conference, and embodies the spread of disciplines which contribute to the field. IE welcomes computer scientists, designers, artists, technicians and academics across the spectrum.

This year’s Interactive Entertainment conference will be hosted by RMIT University in Melbourne, from September 30 to October 1.

This year’s conference embraces some of the recent changes in games discourses both inside and outside the academy, and turns its attention to “Matters of Life and Death”. In a field concerned with entertainment, seriousness has hovered on the edges of discussion and helped us interpret technologies of leisure. If we reframe seriousness as ‘matters of life and death’, we can look again at the factors which impact computer games and other interactive entertainment. Questions emerge from this framing and from recent discussions such as: How do we map changes in the economic environment of games? How do designers deal with increasingly mobile, active, tactile play forms? How do scientists evaluate and build for diversifying platforms? How can we study the manufacturing, resourcing and logistics of games distribution – especially when those systems are largely digital?

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