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Accepted Papers

Anthony Youssef and Scot Leveless. Thoughts on Adjusting Perceived
Difficulty in Games

Bram Pellens, Frederic Kleinermann and Olga De Troyer. A Development
Environment using Behavior Patterns to Facilitate Building 3D/VR

Brigid Costello and Ernest Edmonds. A Tool for Characterizing the
Experience of Play

Bronwin Patrickson. PLAI: Staged Encounters in Computer-mediated Environments

Chris Chesher. Converging mediations of space in computer games and
spatial navigation systems

Damian Hills. assimilate: Situated Collaborative Storytelling System

Darshana Jayemanne and Jane Felstead. Asian Babe vs. Dragon Lady

Debbie Richards and John Porte. Developing an Agent-Based Training
Simulation using Game and Virtual Reality Software: Experience Report

Jeff Sinclair, Philip Hingston and Martin Masek. Exergame development
using the dual flow model.

Jing Liu and Manolya Kavakli. A survey of Speech-Hand Gesture
Recognition for the Development of Multimodal Interfaces in Computer

Keith Nesbitt, Ken Sutton, Joshua Wilson and Geoffrey Hookham.
Improving Player Spatial Abilities for 3D Challenges

Malcolm Ryan. Illuminati: The Game of Conspiracy — A Close Reading

Michael Hitchens. BJ’s Family: A Survey of First Person Shooters and
their Avatars

Rowan Tulloch. Ludic Dystopias: Power, Politics and Play

Ulrike Spierling. Models for Interactive Narrative Actions

younbo jung, Jing Li Koay, Janissa Ng, Gladys Wong and Kwan Min Lee.
Games for a Better Life: Effects of Playing Wii Games on the
Well-Being of Seniors in a Long-Term Care Facility