Duel Reality: A Sword-Fighting Game For Novel Gameplay Around Intentionally Hiding Body Data

Florian ‘Floyd’ Mueller and Wouter Walmink

New sensor technologies, especially for body related activities, offer new opportunities for play, sparking research into new styles of game interactions. However, how this new sensor data can be utilized for engaging play experiences is not yet fully understood. In order to explore this opportunity, we designed Duel Reality, a novel swordfighting game offering new gameplay experiences through intentionally hiding real-time body data. In order to articulate the opportunities afforded by novel sensing technology around the body, we identify two key concepts around this topic based on our design knowledge and articulate four challenges when creating novel gameplay using these sensors. With our work, we aim to support game designers who are interested in facilitating novel play experiences through the use of emerging sensing technologies that are concerned with the players’ bodies.